Kairos Health and Composite Services Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 Secunderabad with the aim to provide manpower and technical security and housekeeping services to premium and niche clients. Specialized and skilled leadership of top management led by personnel from the Indian Police Service and Para Military are the key difference of this company from others. .The Mix of fresh and experienced personnel in the industry and service domain helps us in maintaining expected standards.

Since its inception , this company has been providing high end security and house keeping services to prominent customers across country. The primary and sole objective of our organisation is to build utmost satisfaction amongst our partners and clientele ensuring a high class services. Our team always strive towards achieving the excellence and delivery of quality services.

Our strength is to offer different services in Facility management with state of art technology and high class security services with highly trained manpower. Our driving force will ensure a highest degree of customer satisfaction so that the ciente can utilise our resources , expertise and strength as per their needs and demands.

Our passion is to deliver a high standard service to become a one of the best manpower service company in the country.


Our vision is to be among the top ten companies addressing the premium segment, with a special focus on providing the finest quality services


Our Mission is to ‘embark and strive’ towards enhancing the Operational Efficiencies by providing Quality services, whilst also maintaining the highest standards in Recruitment process and Training Patterns, consistent with Technology & Automation, so as to serve the customers personalized ‘need based’ requirements to his complete satisfaction


Customer Centric